If there is fried catfish on the menu, chances are I am ordering it just as any good Southern girl would. And when Arabelle could team up with this tasty culinary staple, she did!  This Cocktail and Tartar Sauce will wonderfully accentuate catfish or any local seafood…fried or boiled Gulf shrimp, a Grouper PoBoy, or the always delicious Speckled Trout!

Arabelle Cocktail Sauce:


1 cup Ketchup

½ cup diced Candied Jalapenos, undrained


Mix together well, chill, and serve.


Arabelle Tartar Sauce:


1 cup Mayonnaise, preferably Duke’s or Blue Plate

3 tablespoons Bread and Butter Pickles, drained and minced

3 tablespoons Dilled Onions, drained and minced


Mix together well, chill and serve.